Fnlag (Forced Network LAG) is a network latency simulator designed to alter the network behavior between hosts. Often referred to as a “software lag switch”, fnlag allows the user to introduce delay to and drop network packets at a configurable cycle.



Fnlocker (Favorite Network Locker) is a simple but effective application for saving your favorite web browsing URLs. It provides the ability to save usernames and passwords for sites and launch the default broswer with the username and/or password copied to the clipboard. You can then paste this information into the appropriate text fields without needing to type it from the keyboard.



MeshVidCam is a decentralized peer to peer video camera application for Android 4.0+ WifiDirect enabled devices. MeshVidCam allows users to share videos and pictures without the need of an Internet connection, WiFi access point or user login account. Devices must be within each other's WiFi range in order to share media.